Memory Type



Visual memory

Vision is the primary sense involved during the memorization process

Remembering a person’s face

Auditory memeory

Hearing is the most active sense

Remembring the teacher’s instructions

Spatial ordering

Remembering things in a particular order

Memorizing phone numbers

Short-term memory

A temporary memory for processing the most recent information

Remembering things heard or seen a moment ago

Long-term memory

Intended for storing information over a long period of time

Remembering e.g. the multiplication table for the rest of one’s life

Recognition memory

Awareness that some things are alredy heard of or known

Recognition of known faces

Recall and retrieval

Ability to find information stored in memory . One does not have to think for a long time to retrieve such information.

Remembering spelling during a test.

Automatic memory

A fast memory that allows humans to think ina frction of second about what they want to do at a given moment

Remebering shyapes of letter during writing activities

Episodic memory

Remembering things that have happened in one’s life

Remebering a nice summer holiday

Procedural memory

Memorization of procedures, of how to do certain things

Remebering how to add or subtract

Motor function memory

Remebering how to perform tasks, using muscles

Remembering how to ride bicycle

Photographic memory

Remembering what one has learned

Remebering the names of planets

Working memory

Memory, which allows humans to combine various things needed at a moment

Remembering assignment instuctions during writing an essey